2021 Corporate & General Officers & Committee Members

As approved at a Special-Called Ministry Conference on December 20, 2020. New nominees are in bold type. * Ex officio members

Corporate & General Officers

Trustees: Francis Hostler, Everett Robinson, Steve Taylor

Secretary/Clerk: Everett Robinson

Treasurer: Linda Nobles

Statutory Agent: Everett Robinson

Moderator: Michael Boucher

   Vice Moderator: Erick Rask

   Assistant Clerk: Jessica Boucher

Committee Members

Finance: Jessica Boucher, Linda Nobles*, JoAnn Ketner, (+1 at-large)

Nominating: Laurel Hostler, Jodi Jones, Wendi Knowles, Linda Milner, Lisa Owens

Personnel: Hallie Lucas, Linda Nobles*, Christa Rask, Mary Rothermel

Property & Equipment: Francis Hostler, Martin Lucas, Tony Rios

Baptism: Francis and Laurel Hostler (+ 1 man and 1 woman)

Education: (Anyone who teaches is automatically on this committee)
Christina (Chair) and Norm Kalat, Kathryn Moody (SS Clerk), Debbie and Everett (Assistant SS Clerk) Robinson, Erick and Christa Rask, Mike and Jessica Boucher, Jodi Jones, JoAnn and Steve Taylor, Brenda Hogarth, Karen Garman, Mary Rothermel, Francis Hostler.

Kitchen and Hospitality: Laurel Hostler, Steve Taylor, Norma Jean Reed +2 members)

Food Box: (new committee)......................... Karen Garman, JoAnn Ketner, Norma Jean Reed, Everett Robinson, Jeannie West

Missions: Amanda Hostler, Laurel Hostler, Florabel Packard, Christa Rask (+1 member)

Multimedia: Christina Boyer, Karen Garman, Everett Robinson

Ushers/Greeters: No Recommendations

Worship: Jessica Boucher (Leader), Randi Heine, Debbie Robinson, Steve Taylor


Check Signers: JoAnn Ketner, Kathryn Moody, Jeannie West

Money Counters: Linda Milner, Kathryn Moody, Sandy Olivier, Mary Rothermel

Mercy Care Ministry: Brenda Hogarth, Wendi Knowles, Lisa Owens, JoAnn Taylor

  April 2021  
This Week's Events


Food Pantry
9:00 AM to 11:45 AM
Food boxes are available 9:00 - 11:45 am. Enter from First Ave. We are limiting to one basket per calendar month and ZIP Code restrictions are back in place. We can only provide baskets for Show Low, Linden, Pinedale, Clay Springs, Vernon and White Mountain Lakes.
Feeding the Hungry
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
For anyone who is hungry. Starting May 4, we will be offering limited capacity indoor dining, as well as takeout meals.
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