Job Description and Procedures

Job Description and Procedures
for the
Missions Team
of the First Baptist Church of Show Low, Arizona

  1. The Missions Team will function in accordance with the church bylaws, church instructions and decisions, and relate to its leaders as specified in the church bylaws.
  2. The Missions Team will be responsible to oversee all mission trips sponsored or co-sponsored by First Baptist Church of Show Low, Arizona and all phases, actions, etc. pertaining to them. Oversee as opposed to direct is an essential function. Mission trips may come from various ministries or groups of people. Oversight insures that the mission trip stay on track and functions according to church policy. Such mission trips can include local, regional, state, national, or international projects.
  3. All monies for mission trips will be received and disbursed through the church according to the normal financial operating procedures. This includes any and all fundraising, record keeping, and charitable giving requirements, in order to protect the financial and ministry integrity of the Mission Team and the particular mission trip at hand. Such things include, but are not limited to, original receipts are absolutely required before any reimbursement can be made, no checks can be written without adequate documentation submitted. Integrity is at the heart of ministry.
  4. The process/model First Baptist Church of Show Low Mission Trip Manual, included herein by reference, to be used in mission trips is the one used and submitted by Ron and Jamie McDonald. (Copies are available from the church office for $5.00 [to cover copying charges] or from the church’s website, under Info Center/Mission Team
  5. All monies given for a specific mission trip or people going on the trips must be used for its designated purpose. IRS regulations require it. Should monies be given for missions and not specified for any one particular trip, then the Missions Team will determine the assignment of those funds to a mission trip or mission trip volunteers.
  6. Should there ever be a situation in which the Missions Team reaches a point of sustained and unresolved disagreement, such will be automatically referred to the Administrative Ministry Team so that all sides can be heard, solutions sought and considered, and to render a decision in the matter when agreement can not be found. Should further conflict occur, it will be referred to the Church Body in a business session for a solution.
  7. The Church Body, in business session, is the final and ultimate human authority in these or any other ministries of this local church.
  8. This document/procedures document supercedes all other documents. All other sources must adjust to this document

Adopted and approved by the Administrative Ministry Team, January 11, 2012 and referred for adoption by the Church Body at the regular Quarterly Business Meeting on January 15, 2012.